Multi Use Decal Sheet (Single)

£10.95 £8.00

Due to Cartograf minimum order printing quantities we have a decal sheet available. Great to have in the spares box or to enhance other projects.

Decals comprising of;

  • Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.2 (Flat Bomb-Bay)
  • Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.2 (Bulged Bomb-Bay)
  • British Aircraft Corporation 221 (BAC221)
  • Gloster Meteor Raspberry Ripple Hybrid
  • Gloster Meteor Canopies (White/Grey) NF11/NF12
  • Gloster Meteor instrument panel NF
  • Lightning correction sheet (warning signs, gunport holes)
  • Lightning missiles (Firestreak, Red Top, Red Top Drill)
  • Lightning instrument panel (single seat and twin seat)

Many uses – A fantastic bargain for the spares box.

Single Sheet – £10.95.

Click here to purchase two sets for only £15!

Decal sheets have to be flat packed in a cardboard backed A4 envelope, therefore a separate P&P charge applies if purchasing at the same time as kits!

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