About us

A warm welcome to 144th.co.uk!

We are at the infancy of a small cottage industry, dedicated to producing British aircraft types of the 1950/60s in 1/144th scale. Our intension is to plug some of the gaps in this growing market to a higher standard that maybe readily available from other manufactures.

For a few years we have talked about getting into the production side and decided at the 2014 Nationals that the time was right. This was a whole new ball game to us and very much aware it would not happen overnight as we still hold full time professional occupations.

We realise that every step is a learning curve and may not get things quite right in the first instance so we welcome constructive appraisal in a professional manner so please feel free to mail your comments to sales@144th.co.uk. We have made contact with Britmodeller and Kampgrup with the possibilities to subscribe to use their forum as a tool to keep modellers in touch with progress.

Our first available products focus on the British experimental type the Avro 707 and the Bolton Paul P111/120, available in five different boxings.

The Team

We have been modelling for twenty plus years attaining yearly recognition (many awards) in various classes at IPMS Nationals and individual club events. Our debut with our 144th offering was on Saturday 12th November 2016 at Telford, where we were well received by the enthusiasts and general public. Recognition by two of the leading modelling magazines was also a big plus.

To get the name out there at Telford we thought it fitting to enter our new offering in the competition. The Avro 707A kinked wing and B111A were entered in Class 1 and to our delight both attaining awards.

In all we are enthused with the reception we received, enough to start thinking about future releases so watch this space…!