McDonnell Douglas Phantom Gun Pod


There are 36 decal placement items for the gun pod plus further squadron marking for the Phantom FGR.2 XV466/D of 1435 Flight RAF Mount Pleasant Falkland Islands -1992.

SUU-23/A gun pod (Soogun) was carried on the centreline station on Royal Air Force Phantoms. It was a six barrelled Gatling gun that could fire 6,000 rounds per minute. The ammunition was 20mm with a maximum load of 1,200 rounds.  The gun pod was carried routinely in the Falkland Islands/RAFG.

The guns when delivered from the USA were all painted in the USAF Dark Green FS 34079 ( Hobby Colour H309 ), changing to Light Aircraft Grey BS381C/627 (Hobby Colour H332) during servicing.

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