McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1 Limited Edition No.2


This is a limited edition of only 50 boxings. Once they are gone, they are gone!

XV574:Z 111 sqdn, RAF Leuchars, September 1985. This aircraft was the treble one flagship, originally painted in the special scheme, initially had a smaller black spine. The fin was black, the centre painted yellow with squadron badge inset. In 1986, with a crew change, the scheme was updated as portrayed in this boxing.

XV571 43 sqdn, RAF Leuchars, 1987. To mark 43 sqdn’s 70th anniversary, the co’s aircraft XV571 received special markings (August 1986). Three tiered diagonal tapered black and white checks covering most of the fin. The aircrafts spine was also painted with large black and white checks from the tail to the cockpit. The cockpit framing was painted black, however, the spine checks only lasted 30 days. On removal, the cockerel emblem was added to the nose position. In 1987, the aircraft returned to standard squadron markings. A further two tiered band of checks were added to the fin along with a 16 inch white letter A placed on the rudder, with the cockerel emblem on a white disc, mid fin.

The decal enables the modeller to complete one model. Includes maintenance/data markings.

To compliment the above, Phantom rear end silver decal can be found as an aftermarket item 144123.

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