Gloster Meteor NF11 Hybrid Conversion


Upgrade nose with decals to model WD790, you will require the Meteor NF12 kit 144007.

There is the choice to model either of the two schemes, three tone camouflage or raspberry ripple. The meteor was a modification to NF12 standard and was called unofficially NF11 and half.

WD790 was attached to The Royal Radar Establishment Pershore. It was used for a variety of trails including radar intended for the TSR.2, hence the odd hybrid nose shape. When Pershore closed, WD790 was transferred to RAE Llanbedr then to RAE Bedford to become the only Meteor to adopt the raspberry ripple scheme.

WD790 was written off charge in the winter months of 1982 with parts being salvaged to keep the Vintage Pair meteor flying.

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