Gloster Javelin FAW Mk.7 Firestreak Missile/Pylon Kit


This Firestreak missile set is to enhance the Javelin Mk.7 boxing 144019.

XA632 FAW.Mk4 was the first Javelin to carry the Firestreak missile in July 1956, a long series of flight trials were conducted before adoption for service use. De Havilland was the manufacturer of the air-to-air infra-red guided missile originally called Blue Jay, once accepted into service it was renamed Firestreak.
The first operational type to carry the Firestreak was the Mk.7, although of the 142 built only 42 were equipped to carry the missile. The missile carrying Mk.7 retained two  of the 30mm Aden guns as standard armament. The maximum range for the Firestreak missile was four miles although it could be launched as close as one mile.

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