English Electric P.1a (2nd Prototype)


A welcome addition to our experimental type which will compliment our Lightning range of aircraft.

WG763 was the 2nd of three prototypes based at Warton/Bedford and Boscombe Down, 1956.

Kit includes 21 resin parts, open or closed clear resin canopy, belly tank and two turned brass pitot tubes.

Decal has National insignia maintenance/data markings and silver canopy framing. Exploded view and assembly guide. Decal sheet contains 75+ items.

The P1A was the first British fighter prototype capable of exceeding the speed of sound, and the forerunner to the lightning.

WG763 made its maiden flight on 18th July 1955. The only external differences were the two cannon ports high on the nose area, and an under-fuselage 250-gallon fuel tank. Late in 1955, it became the first British aircraft to fire its guns at supersonic speeds.

WG763 is currently displayed at Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Hangar 1, Old Sarum Airfield, Old Sarum, Salisbury, SP4 6DZ.

WG760 1st prototype flew many hours with a modified kinked leading edge. This can be purchased in our aftermarket section, code 144116.

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