English Electric Lightning F6 – Late Years (Greys)


Kit consists of 29 resin parts. 3 part clear resin canopy (one piece closed, two pieces open), plus a brass turned pitot tube.

Colour squadron decal reference sheet. Easy to follow maintenance/data placement sheet, exploded view and a guide to assembly.

The decal sheet gives the modeller five aircraft options and 130+ maintenance/data markings.

Decal option for one complete model from a choice of;

  • XR770: The first squadrons low-visibility scheme trial aircraft with enlarged low-vis national insignia.
  • XR770: 5 sqdn, personal mount of Wing ┬áCommanding officer D.A.Williams with initial red fin to commemorate
  • 5 squadrons twenty first year operating the type.
  • XR770: 5 sqdn, a few weeks after applying the red fin, the spine and leading edges were coated in red for the units disbandment planned for 31st December 1987.
  • XR754: 11 sqdn, Flight Lieutenant Ian Black’s mount.
  • XR728: Lightning training flight (LTF). Binbrook Station Commander Group Captain John Spencer Co.

Colour for this boxing all noted on the A5 colour reference sheet.BS381c. Light Aircraft Grey 627 Hobby Colour H332).Dark Sea Grey 638 (Hobby Colour H331).Medium Sea Grey 637 (Hobby Colour H335).Post Office Red 538. BS4800/18821 Barley Grey alternative colour Camouflage Grey BS381c/626.

Aftermarket missiles Firestreak/Redtop/Redtop Drill see item 144144

More F6/F2a/F53 decal options see aftermarket 144101

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