English Electric Lightning F2A


Kit consists of 29 resin parts. 3 part clear resin canopy (one piece closed, two pieces open), plus a brass turned pitot tube.

Colour squadron decal reference sheet. Easy to follow maintenance/data placement sheet, exploded view and a guide to assembly.

The decal sheet gives the modeller three aircraft options and 150+ maintenance/data markings.

Decal option for one complete model from a choice of;

  • XN771: 19 sqdn, dark green scheme.
  • XN771: 19 sqdn, overall bare metal finish.
  • XN728: 92 sqdn, polished metal fuselage, blue fin and spine.

Colour Suggestions Silver, Dark Green BS381c/641( Hobby Colour H330) Roundel Blue BS381c/110 .

Aftermarket missiles Firestreak/Redtop/Redtop Drill see item 144144

More F6/F2a/F53 decal options see aftermarket 144101

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